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About Hold My Ground

Hold My Ground is a song that we hope empowers and encourages listeners to stand strong in their faith, even in times of difficultly and uncertainty. We know that our faith in God can pull us through unimaginable difficultly so long as we stay true to His word and trust in His plan.

We wrote this song almost two years ago and have been playing it for the past year or so at our church in Southern California. Originally, it was a much more mellow song that we played much differently. But as we discussed getting in the studio and tracking the song, we felt that the meaning behind it necessitated a much more vibrant and energetic feel. So we did the best we could to give it that uplifting sound.

Crystal and I really appreciate you taking the time to read this little blip and listen to 'Hold My Ground' on your favorite streaming platform.

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Hi! My name is Joe and my wife, Crystal, and I make up Know Wonder! 

A while ago, we had this fancy-schmancy corporate bio that talked about us in the third person... But we didn't feel like that accurately represented us as people or what we're trying to do. In reality, we're total goofballs. And with that, we both felt like writing our own bio might give you a better feel of who we are.

We met at Azusa Pacific University in a Bible class (I know right? Super fitting). I convinced Crystal to go to the cafeteria one night and 10 years later, we're happily married with two cats.

I had had musical stints with various endeavors including a Disney Esque solo project which lead to a boy band where I was required to dance… Crystal found that much funnier than I did.


At the time, Crystal had mentioned in passing that she would occasionally sing at her church. And even though I asked multiple times, I never really heard her sing until about a year into our relationship when she invited me to a new church where she had been asked to sing.


I was so awestruck and dumbfounded at this secret skill that she’d been hiding from me that I recorded also the entire set on my phone’s voice notes. I still have that recording 9 years later. She continued to sing on the worship team at this new church and a few years later, was asked to be the church’s full-time worship leader, a role she still holds today.


Now, our church is small and it was never our intention (or a possibility) to make music ministry a full-time job. Crystal got her masters in psychology and became a marriage and family therapist and I went into politics. For the last 6 years, we’ve worked in fields that we care about while continuing to serve to play music.


While both of our jobs and our service at church are abundantly fulfilling, we’ve felt the skills and passions we’ve developed over the years have been leading us to do more.


Our heart has always been guided toward inspiring and encouraging others to be the best version of themselves, a passion that has manifested itself through Crystal’s work with at-risk teens adults. 


Last year, in pursuit of that passion, we decided to record and release some original music. And the response has been overwhelming. Our first two songs, released independently with no major backing or knowledge of the music ministry world is barreling towards half a million streams. Some incredible doors have opened up and some lasting relationships have been formed. 


We’ve invested in our listeners and our craft and hope to continue to do so as we go forward on this journey. The majority of our music is still unreleased to the public and we’re becoming increasingly more excited to roll it out over the coming months. 


In all that we do, we wish to continue inspiring and encouraging others to be the best possible version of themselves and to thrive in the eyes of God and the heart of Jesus.

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