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This is Jobob. I realize that this is probably not the way most people do the 'About Me' page on their website, but I didn't feel like the 3rd person "Know Wonder is a Christian musical group from..." really fit our whole idea of connecting with people. Therefore, I'm going to ramble a little bit about Crystal and I and what we hope Know Wonder can be.


First off, we're married. We met in 2010 in a Bible class (I know right?) at Azusa Pacific University, where we both went to college. Shortly after that, we began dating and almost 6 years later I decided that, as far as relationships go, I really couldn't get much luckier and it would be in my best interest to ask her to marry me. But enough about the mushy stuff.


Crystal has been singing at church since junior high; something that, probably due to nerves, she failed to mention to me for the first few years or dating. In 2014 the lead worship pastor at her church moved to another state and the position was up for grabs. With the encouragement of family and friends, she decided to throw her hat in the ring and take the opportunity.


North Hills is a small church in Rancho Cucamonga, California and being that it is small, there are limited resources for Crystal as a worship leader. Insert me.


First thing's first, my name is Jobob. Hello. Also, yes, Joe-Bob. And to answer those questions, my dad's stepdad was named Joe and my mom's dad was named Bob. When it came to which grandparent I was going to be named after, my parents had an argument and then a compromise. Boom. Jobob.


Anyways, being that North Hills is a small church with limited resources, they turn to volunteers to fill any voids. I have always had an interest in and dabbled in music and because I was dating the worship leader, I was the perfect target... err... volunteer. So, for the past three years, I've been filling in the band on whatever instrument Crystal needs me to play.


Playing music in church and leading a congregation in song and worship has always been a passion of Crystal's. After continually seeking ways to progress in our worship ministry, we decided to write some songs of our own. A few months later, we're now excited to share some of those songs with you. 


In September of 2017, we released our first EP and have made it free to stream or download from our website or from whatever music platform you may use. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to listen to and share our music with friends, family, and fellow believers. We can't wait to share more in the future. Thanks!




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